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Paw Wash Plus Inc. Mission Statement

Wash-Me-1The Paw Wash Plus™ Mission is to become your premier destination for all your Pet Wash (Self Serve or Full Serve), Professional In-Store Grooming and Pet Care needs, all with your Pets Best Health in Mind. At Paw Wash Plus™ we build our Product Selection on what’s best for your pet, and select our Products only after extensive research from all available options. At Paw Wash Plus™ you will find our specially selected variety of All-Natural Healthy Pet Foods, Supplements, and Care Products as well as Pet Meds, Flea Control, Treats, Collars & Leads, Toys, Supplies, and many additional Unique Goods you won’t find in other stores. Our On-Line Shop will open soon, and Local To-Your-Door Delivery of Food and Supplies will also be available.

Our Do-it-Yourself Dog Wash is designed not just for ease of use of Pet Owners, but also for the Health of their Pets Coat and Skin. We provide a Unique Selection of Premium, Natural and Specialty Shampoos in our Wash Options.

With brands like, SPA Lavish your Pet, John Paul Pet, Furminator and more, we have a Solution for any Coat or Skin Condition, from Preventative to Active Care & Repair. In other words, we don’t just provide Heated Water, an Elevated Wash Station, Brushes, Apron, Dry Station etc., we also provide “Real Solutions” for the Health of your Dogs Coat and Skin. Don’t just Clean your Pet, Wash them with “Care”. That being said, we also put the fun back into the “chore” of washing your dog, by making it easy on your back and easy on your Pet. Just bring in your dirty dog and we will provide everything else. And when you’re done we’ll even clean up after you!

Don’t want to Self Wash? Simply choose our Full Service Wash or In-Store Professional Grooming option, or if you’d rather have us come to you, Mobile Grooming (available soon), it’s up to you. Full Service Wash, In-Store and Mobile Grooming Services (available soon) by appointment and our Self Service Dog Wash as always available by Walk-In. Currently Serving New Port Richey, Trinity and the Surrounding areas of Tampa Bay. New Location(s) coming soon.

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Paw Wash Plus #1 | 2319 Seven Springs Blvd., New Port Richey, FL 34655 Map It! 727-375-7070 / teampaw@pawwashplus.com

Paw Wash Plus #2 | 6343 Massachusetts Ave., New Port Richey, FL 34653 Map It! | 727-847-3030 / teampaw@pawwashplus.com

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